x1000 Server Opening 9.September

New Characters Kundun and Lemuria


X1000 Unique Play Bonuss

Get more custom defense/damage/hp buff by reseting


X5000 New server 16JULY

Asgardmu Project Season 17Part2 experience X5000 will be opening at 16.July!  High experience server for fast and easy levelling and item hunting, there is boss or event spawn every 30minutes! Reset rewards, as well as nice loot from events in-game!

Free gift for players: Mini wings and weapon +EDR
EXTRA: Type in-game /startergift and receive 3days Skeleton pet, Skeleton Transformation ring, Deamon and Guardian and 1st Lucky Set Tickets

Opening Time:
[UTC +2, 14.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 20.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 9.00-Argentina]

Version: Season 17part2 Elf Renewal
Experience: X5000
Max stats: 32000
Points per level: Standart 5/7
Spots: All maps

Reset system!
Reset is made from 400lvl in-game with command /reset
Reset costs: 1mil zen *reset, max reset 300
After reset, stats stay!
Reset reward: 20 Wcoins, 2000 Ruud, Stats stays, level after reset 50
Grand reset from 300 resets: Reward 3000 PlayPoints

Connection limit: 5 Accounts from one IP

Each level gives one GoblinPoint, each reset player can farm 400 points! Xshop provides a lot of items for GP, starting from jewels till 4th class wings and FO weapons! Play the game and get top items!

Reset BUFF:

0-5 Resets: LVL1 Each reset: No extra DMG/DEF/HP
6-50 Resets: LVL2 Each reset: Extra 5%DMG/DEF/HP
51-100 Resets:LVL3 Each reset:Extra 15%DMG/DEF/HP
101-150 Resets: LVL4 Each reset: Extra 25%DMG/DEF/HP
151-200 Resets: LVL5 Each reset: Extra 35%DMG/DEF/HP
201-300 Res: LVL6 Each reset: Extra 50%DMG/DEF/HP
Earn or Spend Coins

Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins
Ice Wind Walley: Every day 18.00 registration, 4000Wcoins to Winner Guild Master

Hunt sheep, Horses, and other mini bosses for Ruud
Hunt Abyss Of Atlans for RUUD Boxes(random drop)
Participate in BC from master level for Ruud Boxes
Do resets: Each reset gives you 2000 Ruud


PVE: All monsters are buffed, players need to have 50+ resets to do 3rd quest and 100+ for 4th class quest! Explore the game and you will more exciting game features!
PVP settings. All Classes are built to last in PVP against any other class for 3-5seconds on maximum stats and top gear! We are focusing on new classes to get chance as well, not only for old classes like DK, DL to dominate in PVP
Due that new class are buffed, and has exciting PVP life as well! (this is on MAX stats 32000 and top gear)

*) Old Season 15 players keep theyr VIP buff on the new S17P2 X5000 server
*) Old S17 donators get theyr credits to spend again on new X5000 server! (refunded)


Published by ADmin 10/07/2022