x1000 Server Opening 9.September

New Characters Kundun and Lemuria


X1000 Unique Play Bonuss

Get more custom defense/damage/hp buff by reseting


Asgard MuOnline Season 17 Part1 X1000 9.September

New Exciting X1000 Server Opening 9.September! The server is based on a medium experience rate, a lot of useful customs that make game more easy and more enjoyable! Farming, leveling or crafting option is available for every player's game style!

Opening times at Friday 9.September!
[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

    Version Season 17 P1-2
    Gaming style: Hunt/Level/PVP
    Exp Regular/Master/Majestic 1000x
    Drop 75%
    Reset: 400LvL command /reset, 1kk zen*reset, Stats Burns free stats: 400, 20Wc reward
    Maximum resets 300!
    Grand Reset: From 300Resets, Reward 10'000Wcoins
    Wcoins: Resets, Grand resets, Win Ice Wind Walley and Castle Siege!
    Big Goblin Points shop with best items! Level up to earn!
    Freshly rebuild PVP settings for similar damage on MAX stats (32000)
    Bosses and Mini bosses on PVP server CH1

Play To Win plan:


* Play and earn Goblin coins! Each level gives one GoblinPoint, on GP shop you can find Jewels, FO weapons, shields, and even 4th level wings!
* Reset and Wcoins! Each Reset and Grand reset gives Wcoins, Wcoins shop provides Pentagrams, Jewels, Ruud, FO accessories and more usefull items!
* Blood Castle: Get Archangel or Divine Archangel 10% Change For FO items
* Devil Square: Rank1 and Rank2 gets Golden and Silver key to unlock sealed boxes

Old X5000 Players can reuse their VIP rewards on X1000 server!

Maps from socred canyon and higher drops: Goblin Treasure Box Blue, which drops ancient items!

Elite Bosses, Top Weapons and Exc sets
Starting gifts: /panda /startergift

Dynamic Exp gameplay with reset buff

Reset BUFF System

0-5 Resets: LVL1 Icon Each reset: No extra DMG/DEF/HP
6-50 Resets: LVL2 Each reset: Extra 5%DMG/DEF/HP
51-100 Resets:LVL3 Each reset:Extra 15%DMG/DEF/HP
101-150 Resets: LVL4 Each reset: Extra 25%DMG/DEF/HP
151-200 Resets: LVL5 Each reset: Extra 35%DMG/DEF/HP
201-300 Res: LVL6 Each reset: Extra 50%DMG/DEF/HP

Published by ADmin 01/09/2022